Predator Contracting has an extensive history in all aspects of plant pest control, allowing for comprehensive advice and management where necessary.

We have extensive experience with past ground based and aerial operations that have included large areas of land for the Department of Conservation, Animal Health Board, Forestry Companies, Private Organisations and small land holders.

We specialise in controlling populations of pests over areas to the specifications of our clients. Whether that be big or small populations, partial or complete eradication, we will cater for it all.

About us

Predator Contracting LTD is a company with attitude that is

committed to protecting our biodiversity through effective pest management, resulting in pest free environments.

We are a locally owned company with a strength that is gained from a wealth of staff experience, some of which dates back as far as 50 years. Now, that’s not saying that all of our methods are ‘old school’. In fact, our staff is frequently kept up to date about new methods and technology developments within the market, due to the necessity of keeping up with the ever changing industry that we find ourselves within.


We utilise the large range of skills that staff bring to the company ranging from managerial, technical, administrative and industry based knowledge, to ensure that we are consistently delivering an exceptional level of quality service.

Contact Duane Trafford on 0800 PREDATOR (0800 773 328) if you have any questions about our service.

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